Dark Souls Remastered Will Not Use Any New Assets


To the delight of Dark Souls fans everywhere, we recently learned that Dark Souls Remastered is expected to arrive on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. This remastered version of the game got everyone excited and lead to much speculation online, some of which has since been clarified by Dark Souls theorist VaatiVidya.

In a recent post on Twitter Vaati clarified that the remastered version of the game will not be using the new assets from the Dark Souls 3 engine. Also, it will not have any combat differences, and it will not have HDR lighting, specifically for the PS4 Pro. What it will do is run at 60fps, except for on the Nintendo Switch, which will run at 30fps when docked. It will be 60fps for all other platforms.

The game will arrive on May 25th, 2018 for $40 on consoles. That’s not too long of a wait. We don’t have pricing for the PC, but it might also be priced at $40, although it could be discounted by 50% if players own a copy of the previous version of the game. We don’t know yet. Fans are excited about this remaster and are looking forward to playing the game all over again.


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