Destiny 2 Director Wants to Add Strike Specific Loot


While Destiny 2 might look and play a lot like the first Destiny, there are numerous details, features, and systems that did not carry over from the original game to its sequel. And as has been previously detailed, developer Bungie is looking to help bridge the gap between those games – aka make Destiny 2 feel more like Destiny 1 – in an effort to bring players back into the fold.

Since the massive developer blog post on Thursday, Destiny 2 live team director Christopher Barrett has been discussing the game and what features or changes he would like to see added to the game. Among them was an interest in bringing back loot that is tied to specific bosses or activities, similar to the strike-specific loot from Destiny 1.

Although Bungie had been in a type of holding pattern over the holiday, Barrett has now been freely addressing player questions, comments, and concerns with vows to improve the rewards, systems, and features in Destiny 2. It is this open candor that has led to even more reveals about what Bungie hopes to add or tweak in the game, starting first with discussions of tweaking the weapon system and now talk of strike-specific loot.

For those that might not be familiar with strike-specific loot in Destiny 1, it was a set of items that could drop from most of the strike bosses in the game. Some bosses had several items that they could drop, while others had one or two. Admittedly, it was a very rare chance that these items would drop, but Bungie helped alleviate that concern with the introduction of the Skeleton Key and the strike chest.

In Destiny: Rise of Iron, every strike revealed a chest at its conclusion and if a player had a Skeleton Key they could open the chest for one of the strike-specific loot drops. It was a guaranteed way to get strike-specific loot and after a few tweaks to Skeleton Key rarity became a popular system.

It’s unclear how Destiny 2 will offer strike or activity-specific loot, but giving players more incentives to replay the content is a start. But a lot of what Bungie has been talking about lately is just the start; we will have to see whether or not anything truly changes the game.


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