New Skyrim Mod Adds ‘Pop Team Epic,’ and it’s Equal Parts Hilarious and Terrifying


The anime Pop Team Epic recently made a Skyrim reference in their show, so it was inevitable that the mod would eventually come. What we didn’t count on was it being so damn terrifying! But also cute. But mostly terrifying.

For those that may not watch the show, or missed the nod in question, here’s how Skyrim made its anime debut:

And here is the resulting mod:

The mod itself was created by Higeyoshi and you can see the helmet Skyrim retexture in the video below for an opening sequence I can promise you will never forget:

For those interested in this, you can download the mod right here. Hey, maybe the show will do a Fallout nod next – that could potentially be hilarious (please make one for Danse Paladin!).

For more about the show, as per the official Crunchy Roll description:

“Crude, rude, and a little…cute? Get ready for the larger-than-life attitude of Popuko and Pipimi, the small and tall stars of Pop Team Epic! Based off the bizarre four-panel webcomic by Bukubu Okawa comes a comedy that’ll throw you off with its out-there jokes and intense absurdity. You think you’re ready for these girls? Think again, F#%**er!”



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