‘Dark Souls’ trilogy release date news: Collection includes the latest remaster


The “Dark Souls” series is loved by many despite being one of the hardest role-playing games (RPG) to be made. While there is not much news yet about a possible “Dark Souls 4,” there is a “Dark Souls” collection coming out soon. It even has the latest “Dark Souls Remastered.”

The “Dark Souls Trilogy” box contains “Dark Souls Remastered,” “Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin,” and “Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition.” Of course, no collection is complete without some bonuses from the game. The trilogy box will also add in soundtracks from each game, knight and fire bookends, an art set, and a “Dark Souls” encyclopedia for those who want to learn more about the games.

While the games are usually playable on different consoles, the box only supports PlayStation 4 (PS4) at the moment. In addition, it will only be made available for gamers in Japan. That said, many suspect that this will change in the future given the number of fans the series has.

Since the box does not have a western release date yet, there is no news about how much it will also cost. Fans can, however, estimate it based on its price in Japan, which is set to ¥49,800. When converted, it costs around $450.

If players are eager to get the remastered version already, they can always get it without the trilogy box. It can be played in 4K resolution while still at 60 frames per second (FPS) on all consoles, except the Nintendo Switch. The Switch, however, offers 1080p at 30 FPS when the console is docked and connected to the TV. The game even features multiplayer modes, allowing people to play with up to 5 other players.

PS4 gamers in Japan can get the “Dark Souls Trilogy” box by May 24. On the other hand, “Dark Souls Remastered” has already been out for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Nintendo Switch version will be coming a day after the trilogy box, May 25.


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