15 Things Hardcore Players Dislike About Fallout 3


It’s been more than nine years since Fallout 3 released. Considering the state of the franchise before Bethesda picked it up, Fallout’s meteoric rise in the mainstream gaming world is largely due to Fallout 3. That being said, even if you’re a hardcore player or someone who enjoys the series, Fallout 3 has a number of things to dislike. Let’s break down some of them below.

Below Average Gunplay

Let’s be real – Fallout 3’s gunplay is clunky, annoying and inconsistent. It may not be outright horrible but it’s a far cry away from Fallout 4. Whereas Fallout 4 allowed for more mechanical skill, the clunkiness of Fallout 3 meant you’d have to rely on VATS more often than not.


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