Destiny 2 Director Teases New Exotics


Destiny 2 developer Bungie has already hinted that lots of new loot is on the way for players to collect, including the possibility of Strike-specific loot. But that’s not the only thing that the developer may be working on; Bungie has now begun to tease brand new exotics as well.

On Twitter, a Destiny 2 fan asked game director Christopher Barrett whether players might see any more returning exotics from Destiny 1, to which Barrett replied “yes.” Although creating brand new Destiny 2 exotics is a “higher priority” for the development team right now, Bungie does plan to bring back “some old favorites.”

Bungie brought back several exotics from Destiny 1 last month. The Curse of Osiris DLC expansion includes several exotic weapons from Destiny 1, including The Jade Rabbit as well as the exotic fusion rifle Telesto. Curse of Osiris also included several pieces of exotic armor from the first game including the Graviton Forfeit helmet (with a different exotic perk), the Helm of Saint-14 helmet, the Mk. 44 Stand Asides boots, and the Shinobu’s Vow and Ophidian Aspect gauntlets.

It’s clear that Bungie wants to nod its head to longstanding Destiny fans and give them something to get excited over. While new loot is wonderful, few players of the sequel pass up the chance to use their favorite-exotics with the perks that they found especially useful in the first game.

Unsurprisingly, the replies to Barrett’s tweet are inundated with suggestions from fans about what should be brought back next. Popular suggestions include the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, The Last Word hand cannon, and Hawkmoon, another hand cannon that is hugely popular among fans due to its damage buffs. These weapons are just too powerful and too much fun to use for them to be left in Destiny 1, say fans who are adamant that Bungie needs to bring them back for the new game.

However, some fans aren’t so enthralled about the idea of bringing Destiny 1 exotics back. Some say that Destiny 2 needs iconic exotics of its own. While the new exotics Bungie is developing may be exciting, they can only reach their full potential if Destiny 1‘s best weapons, including the Gjallarhorn, are left in the past.

Others also argue that it’s unfair to bring back the old exotics given that returning players lost all of their loot. Some fans say that it’s only fair for Bungie to bring back more exotics if players who unlocked them in the first game also unlock them automatically in Destiny 2.

It seems unlikely that Bungie will do that and players will probably still have to work to get the exotics regardless of whether they had them before. But hopefully getting the new and returning exotics will feel worth the effort to unlock them regardless.


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