Destiny 2 Reset Time: Faction Rally Winner, Xur, Raid, Nightfall, weekly update for Jan 23

Destiny 2 Guardians have just a couple of hours remaining to make the most of the numerous activities and in-game rewards before the ritual Tuesday weekly reset takes place today, January 23rd.

Due to a change to the game, the weekly reset no longer takes place at 9am (GMT) as it has usually done. Instead, the reset will occur at 5pm GMT (or 9am PDT) putting it in line with the rest of the game updates.

For those who don’t recall, the Destiny 2 reset is a fairly common occurrence, dating right back to the original game where certain in-game activities reset on a weekly schedule.

This includes everything from new in-game activities, the disappearance of exotic gear vendor Xur and the removal of Trials of the Nine/Iron Banner from the crucible playlist.

Essentially this is a countdown to complete these tasks before they’re reset, replaced or removed entirely from the game.

Each Tuesday, the following rituals and activities will have all progression and rewards reset and/or removed:

• Leviathan Raid rewards
• Weekly Nightfall Strike
• Trials of the Nine unavailable after the weekly reset
• Xur disappears again…
• New Flashpoint destination on one of the game’s four planets
• Personal Clan XP contribution and Clan Engram rewards
• New Treasure Maps from Cayde-6
• Milestone rewards for Call to Arms, Nightfall, Flashpoint, Clan XP

Keep reading for more details on the key changes taking place THIS week.

Faction Rally Season 2

The Destiny 2 Faction Rally returned last week and will end this evening.

One again Guardians were tasked with pledging their allegiance to one of the three Factions in the hope of some sweet, sweet loot.

For anyone who can’t remember, The Faction Rally is a week-long event which features a competition between the Factions, and offers Faction-themed rewards.

Once the Faction Rally event is active, players have until the weekly reset to earn Faction reputation tokens which can be turned in to the Faction vendors for rewards.

“Pledge your loyalty. Do your faction’s bidding. Earn rewards. Step forward and be counted. Season Two brings new armor ornaments you can earn, along with the base gear,” boasted the Bungie blog post last week.

The three faction leaders are Arach Jalaal from Dead Orbit (found in the Tower Hanger), Lakshmi-2 from Future War Cult (found in the lounge above the Tower Hanger), and Executor Hideo of New Monarchy (found in the Tower Bazaar).

But which Faction did you back?

So far we’ve had two Faction Rally events in the game, with Dead Orbit and New Monarchy having both enjoyed a victory once before. Can Future War Cult finally win this third time around? We’ll find out later this evening.

For now, you can take a look at the new faction ornaments and the various new exotic weapons in the gallery below:

Last Friday when players were asking ‘Where is Xur?’ they quickly discovered the exotic gear merchant in the Tower.

Previously, in Destiny 1, Xur used to leave the tower on a Sunday, giving Guardians only the weekend to properly acquire those Strange Coins to trade in for exotic weapons and armour. In Destiny 2, however, Xur leaves when the game undergoes it’s Tuesday weekly reset.

That means players don’t have long to trade in their Legendary Shards for Xur’s loot, which this week included:

• Tractor Cannon Shotgun – 29 Legendary Shards
• Knucklehead Radar Exotic Helmet armour – 23 Legendary Shards
• Actium War Rig Exotic Chest armour – 23 Legendary Shards
• Transversive Steps Exotic Leg armour – 23 Legendary Shards

In addition, after the Destiny 2 Update on December 12, Xur started selling a few new items. This included the Three of Coins (31 Legendary Shards) and the Fated Engram (97 Legendary Shards).

For a closer look at his inventory, take a look at the gallery below.

Nightfall Strike

As such, the last week Destiny 2 Guardians have been taking on The Pyramidion Nightfall with Torrent and Timewarp: Zero Hour modifiers active, but following the weekly reset, players will have yet another brand new Nightfall to experience.

For anyone not in the know, a Destiny 2 Nightfall Strike is essentially higher-difficulty variations of each existing Destiny 2 Strike.

During a Nightfall Strike, enemies are usually tougher and different enemies may appear in clusters as you encounter them throughout the mission, compared to a usual Strike.

In addition, Bungie normally adds certain modifiers to each Nightfall Strike which make the process even more difficult. For example, enemies could have increased aim accuracy, or more enemies could have shields.

Alternatively, it might be modifiers which impact the player, such as players taking more damage while airborne or having the player radar completely disabled.

However, it’s impossible to know what Nightfall Strike will replace The Pyramidion as we no longer have a handy roadmap to refer to.


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