No Man’s Sky Waking Titan ARG Tells Fans To Rest Up For Next Update


No Man’s Sky fans spent the last few weeks dissecting the latest clues from The Waking Titan ARG, and now we finally have new developments to report. Last week, Canadian and U.S. players received physical Atlas passes . Hexadecimal code on the bottom of each card translates to the word “phoenix.”

That revelation was followed by a rather long silence. As of Saturday evening, however, the status command on the Waking Titan website slowly began showing numbers that eventually revealed a full phone number: 1-800-413-0110. When called, the number gave players a tone that was later converted into SSTV weather data. After some very specific and complex indexing, the phrase “Cafe Bene Nineteen Sat” was made clear. That same location had been used for No Man’s Sky ARG drops in the past, and now it was being activated again.

This clue essentially told ARG members to meet at Cafe Bene in New York City this Saturday. Because that location had closed, the status command was then updated to respond “Outro NYC 7 p.m. EST.” The time for the drop was set, and a Citizen Scientist was dispatched to receive the intel.


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