No Man’s Sky Waking Titan Tells Fans To Rest Up For Next Update


Hello Games recently updated the Waking Titan to hint at what’s to come for No Man’s Sky next major update. The game that’s currently available for PC and PS4 will expand is scope, and will call for gamers to supposedly rest up for the next phase.

Just last week fans of No Man’s Sky received actual Atlas passes that feature hexadecimal codes. When translated the codes at the bottom of each card spell out “phoenix”.

Another thing that happened to be uncovered about the Waking Titan mystery are numbers that reveal a phone number: 1-800-413-0110. Dedicated fans called the number, which in-turn played a tone that when translated revealed “Cafe Bene Nineteen Sat”.

In addition to the above, the named location was the same one that had been used for No Man’s Sky augmented reality game (or ARG) in the previous Waking Titan event. In other words, the event has been re-activated.

Thanks to we learn about a memo in regards to No Man’s Sky during a live stream that YouTuber Kyle Culver posted up:

“It is my honor to congratulate everyone on their tremendous work last year. The outcome of loop16 has massive implications, which many of us are still in the process of reconciling with our worldviews. As always, don’t hesitate [to] reach out your personal coordinator if you are in need of support. We are in the process of organizing peer support groups for this purpose.

“In the coming year we have many exciting and challenging projects ahead of us. The most obvious, and critical, is the next phase of Waking Titan. The Citizen Science Division is beginning to receive their Atlas Passes. Make sure you all ‘get plenty of sleep while you still can.’ Once the next phase starts we’ll need you at your best.”

Upon using the gamedetective link posted above you will see the memo featured at the bottom of the page, which has the phrase “REMS” written on it. According to the site, upon entering “REM Sleep” as the password for the 10th glyph will let you participate in a survey.

In order to complete the survey you must enter “REMS” or “REM Sleep” as the answer to the sixth question. Additionally, you’ll be able to enter your email address to receive more info about a mysterious thing called “Lab 319”.

Lastly, it’s unclear if the numbers 1.4 and 1.5 are dates or if they are two updates to come forth? You can get more information on No Man’s Sky update by hitting up


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