Pokemon GO Datamine Reveals New Legendary


Not too long ago, the developer Niantic released a fresh trailer for Pokemon GO mimicking the tone and style of the BBC’s Planet Earth documentary series, with the video potentially teasing that Masquerain could be coming to the popular mobile augmented reality game. Speaking of new Pocket Monsters, a recent datamine recently revealed that a new Legendary creature is on deck to be added to PoGO as well.

According to a datamine posted by Pokemon GO‘s The Silph Road subreddit user known as “Chrales,” not only does it look like Castform and all of its permutations will make its way into the game soon, but also it appears as if Deoxys is set to become the title’s next Legendary. In the case of Deoxys’ inclusion in PoGO, those players who were expecting Rayquaza to be the next Legendary will likely be quite surprised.

For the sake of those Pokemon GO fans who may be unfamiliar with what’s in store for the aforementioned creatures, Castform is expected to shift forms based on the game’s dynamic weather system, with the Pocket Monster’s four different permutations changing its types and attacks based on the climate. Deoxys has the ability to alter its forms as well, but it’s unclear as to whether or not Pokemon GO will implement that aspect of its character.

It’s important to note at this point in time that neither of the creatures appear to be ready to make their way into Pokemon GO just yet. As a matter of fact, Deoxys’ stats still haven’t been updated from some data being used as a placeholder. What’s more is that neither of the Pokemon have 3D image assets, which is typically the last thing that Niantic adds before a new creature goes live.

Taking all of this into consideration, Deoxys’ impending addition to Pokemon GO as a Legendary will likely delight would-be trainers still on the hunt to catch ’em all in the ARG, but it remains to be seen if it will act as an effective lure for lapsed players. Should Deoxys’ addition not be motivation enough for absent fans to return back into the fold, Niantic is also set to offer rewards to bring players back to the game.

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